Can I get a DUI while on a horse?

You can get a DUI while you’re riding a horse on a roadway. There’s a statute in California that basically says that if you are riding any animal on the roadway, then you have the same rights as a person who’s driving a motor vehicle. You also have the same responsibilities.

The number one rule in California about driving is to drive in a safe manner. If there’s something going on as to how you’re riding your horse on the roadway, then you can get a reckless driving or something like that. Driving a car while you’re under the influence of alcohol and drugs is illegal because of the safety factor, the same is true on a horse. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI on your horse and you have some questions as to what your up against, feel free to give me a call. We can look at the facts of your particular case, see that the charges are resolved in that case for you.