Mr. Barba defended me in a DUI trial to disprove a 0.3 BAC level AND SUCCEEDED. His detailed knowledge and team of forensic experts he works with in the sobriety field test and the blood alcohol testing saved me from having a devastating record. Both key evidence were out the window by the end of the trial. Instead, after an incident-free probation, I'll be in a position to expunge the incident from my record. Throughout the 8-day trial I was so relieved to have Mr. Barba, an attorney so well-versed in every aspect of DUI, defending me. If you've stumbled on Mr. Barba's website while looking for help with your DUI arrest like I did, your search is over. Mr. Barba's professional help is sure to give some relief from the DUI nightmare you have.

Rosa, originally posted on Avvo on 6/11/2016

Excellent dui attorney: Mr.Barba has truly saved my life. I was faced with a very difficult case, with a long prison term attached to it. But with the help of Mr. Barba and his staff I got the best possible outcome I could get he kept me out of prison saved my job and my home, I was about to lose everything. My family and I are truly grateful for all the time and work put into my case and got it settled. if anyone is in need of a great attorney this is your guy.

Steven, originally posted on Avvo

``Need an expert in gas chromatography? Hire Mr. Barba!!! I hired Mr. Barba from the internet with no knowledge of him or his experience. I was a 62 year facing this experience for the first time and was scared to death. I needed representation so it was only luck that caused me to ``click`` on his website. Never did I feel or suggest that I was not guilty--I was just looking for representation to help me minimize the ``price to pay`` for a poor decision on one night. There were some issues with the length of time that it took for the blood draw (sample) to be tested, and Mr. Barba was confident that due to the length of time, fermentation of the draw took place. However, because there was also an accident involved, going to court and hiring an expert to testify would be the only way to effectively argue that issue. After numerous court appearances by his team in my behalf, he and I mutually agreed that due to my age, and my inability to financially support a court case, the best route was to plead to the DUI charge. Mr. Barba successfully argued for many concessions in my behalf. This was a very strong ``wake up call`` to a person that seldom even took a drink, let alone drive after drinking. Mr. Barba, though firm in his dealing with me, always treated me with the utmost respect. I was always confident in his ability and that of his office staff. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Barba to anyone needing the representation of skilled council.

Dui Client, Originally posted on Avvo

Best DUI Lawyer: Mr. Barba worked very hard on my case. It was a difficult case to win. Mr. Barba brought in great experts and his staff was extremely helpful.
My trial ended with a hung jury and the DA made a deal.
Couldn't have asked for any more.
Thanks, Mr. Barba

David, a DUI Client, originally posted on Avvo

``I strongly recommend Mr. Barba and his team.`` I live in Los Angeles and I was arrested in Riverside County for suspected DUI, while on vacation. Mr. Barba and his team of professionals fought for me in court through all of the hearings and trial. I don't believe another attorney could have fought for me any harder against the D.A. and the highway patrol. I saw his experience in DUI trials first hand. He was able to present an outstanding case and subsequently got a ``Not guilty`` verdict on my behalf. If you are being accused of DUI I strongly suggest you hire an attorney who specializes in DUI cases like Mr. Barba.``

Robert, a DUI Client, originally posted on Avvo

Saved me from a huge hassle! ``I hired attorney Manuel Barba in October 2010, after being charged with my first DUI. He took my case and continually fought to save my license and prevent me from being convicted of a DUI. The case ended up being dragged on for a year and a half, but Manuel never stopped working hard for me. He kept me informed of my case via mail after every case management conference, emailed or called about a week before each court date to let me know specifics and discuss what could potentially happen, and eventually was able to settle my case without going to trial. Manuel Barba is an excellent and hardworking DUI attorney who cares about his clients. I've worked with many attorneys, and they usually aren't fun to be around, but I actually enjoyed talking with Manuel about my case and other topics. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has been charged with a DUI, or any other drinking driving offenses.``

Ryan, a DUI Client, originally posted on Avvo

Experience and professionalism in one firm: I highly recommend Mr. Barba's services for DUI related cases. He has a very well organized team and they treated me with the outmost respect and professionalism. They kept me informed about my case every step of the way. They made the whole ordeal simpler and way less stressful. There were no hidden fees or unexpected charges. I felt truly represented throughout this whole process. I was really lucky to find Mr. Barba.

George, a DUI Client, originally posted on Avvo

Manuel j Barba , has done an excellent job for me.
3rd time DUI and he HUNG the jury on an extremely difficult case. I reviewed and interviewed many attorneys, and I can wholeheartedly say that without a doubt I made the right decision. THIS GUY IS A BEAST!! I cannot stress this enough. call him , tell him your case. I guarantee you, you will not regret it. there is no worse feeling than paying for a defense that is mediocre.
Personally I felt communication could be a bit better at times. But it's a minor gripe. I don't need any new best friends what i needed was someone to win and keep my butt out of jail. And that is exactly what I got with Manuel.
this guy is a phenomenal attorney. he knows everything about how to defend a DUI. and believe me you will get that impression when you see him in action. that he is an expert and everyone else is a novice. To my friends or anyone that is in need of a DUI defense team. DO NOT THINK TWICE !! call his office. you want him in your corner.
truthfully and thankfully

Adesan., a DUI Client, originally posted on Avvo

No hesitation to highly recommend this attorney. ``Attorney Barba accepted my case after I released a non- performing attorney. Clearly explained my chances for getting my charge reduced but did not promise unattainable results. Followed up with a well planned strategy and was successful in his efforts. I placed my confidence in him and was not disappointed.``

J.C., a DUI Client, originally posted on Avvo

Satisfied and very grateful client: I am a 64 year old lady who unfortunately was arrested on March 17th for suspected dui and I rear ended another car. The driver was taken to hospital and I was taken to jail
I had hit my head on the steering wheel and had some memory loss and not realizing how hard I hit my head had a concussion and contusion I had told the deputy I was fine but when I was released the next day had no memory of any phone numbers and fortunately one of the inmates gave me a ride home.
I am from the UK and because the driver of the other vehicle was injured Thankfully not seriously I could have been convicted of a felony and deported.
Manuel Barba was wonderful.He was not judgmental He was very knowledgable and informative and explained everything to me.
He was patient and had empathy for my situation
I have never been in any trouble in my life and this experience was something I never want to go through ever again
Manuel plea bargained with the DA and The outcome was a misdameanor DUI
I was so relieved and grateful to him and his associates. I would most certainly recommend Mr Barba to anyone getting a DUI

DUI Client, originally posted on Avvo

Getting a lawyer may be expensive, but getting a bad lawyer is worse, you are working with the best`` ``I had the great pleasure of having Manuel Barba represent me in my DUI case. I found that he worked tirelessly, aggressively and very professionally to give me the best possible chance at winning my case. I learned a lot from my case and slowly began to appreciate the dedication that Mr. Barba puts into his work. I learned to appreciate the value of having an attorney that will be direct with you and tell it to you how it is with out sugar coating the situation just to try to gain your business. In my opinion I do believe that Mr. Barba is looking out for the clients best interest and to protect the rights which we are all entitled to. I would highly recommend anyone who feels they are wrongly accused of a DUI to hire attorney Manual Barba. Throughout the entire case Mr. Barba meticulously investigated every possible piece of evidence and brought all the questions to light. It was at this instant when his expertise became very evident. Throughout the entire trial process, which was utter hell in my opinion, Mr. Barba made sure that I was always at ease and never felt alone and always kept me informed of what to expect next and taking the time to explain to me how the process works and possible outcomes. He came recommended to me by multiple attorneys and is very highly recognized in his field which is apparent as soon as you walk into his office from the collage of awards he has earned over the years. One of his colleagues said to me `` Getting a lawyer may be expensive, but getting a bad lawyer is worse, you are working with the best`` I sincerely believe that I worked with the best. I highly recommend Mr. Barba.

Bryan, a DUI Client, originally posted on Avvo

Mr. Barba, Thank you for the exceptional service we were given during a difficult time. Your staff went above and beyond to help my son. The outcome was better than we could have imagined. Thank you again for everything and a particular thank you to Julian for explaining the process so thoroughly and being so patient.

Yvonne, a DUI Client's Mailed Thank You Card

Good result with Manuel Barba - Manny represented me recently and I was fortunate enough to settle the case at the last minute and not go to trial. My impression is that he has a very good handle of the process and the likelihood of various outcomes. And, unlike other attorneys, he didn't try to scare me into hiring him by suggesting all the bad things that might happen if I didn't. He was very straightforward both about the process and the likely outcomes. I was frustrated by the communication from his office, so I would encourage you to always ask a lot of questions and be sure you understand what's going on at all times. Even so, I would definitely recommend Manny very enthusiastically.

John, a DUI Client

EXPERT DUI DEFENSE ATTORNEY - Mr. Barba is an amazing attorney. I’ve had previous attorneys in Los Angeles represent me but they do not compare to the work ethic and dedication Attorney Manuel Barba has for his clients. Mr. Barba, along with his team, provided me with a sense of comfort from the moment I decided to hire him to represent me. I primarily chose Mr. Barba because of his Forensic Scientist-Lawyer background and was able to see firsthand his experience and how knowledgeable and effective he is in trial because of that.
The trial lasted a little over two weeks and could not have gotten through it without Mr. Barba. He’s an expert in DUI defense. He’s able to see things in the case that I did not even think were possible. He is highly knowledgeable in the analysis of blood that it puts the DA’s experts to shame. You know you have a great attorney representing you when even the DA compliments his work.
Mr. Barba’s representation and defense exceeded my expectations as he relentlessly fought for me in court. The trial resulted in a hung jury. I thank him for all his guidance and support and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of DUI defense.

Jeffrey, a DUI Client

Attorney & Scientist: Attorney Manuel Barba has not only excellent legal skills but a full understanding of the science related to the toxicology and forensics necessary to argue competently for a defendant with DUI charges. He is calm and methodical when working thoroughly to challenge the DA's data and makes it easy for the jury to understand and comprehend the nuances of breath and blood results, how they were obtained, tested and interpreted. His strong presentation of the laws, rights of the defendant to good science and how the testing lab failed to meet those requirements resulted in a jury that was engaged in really questioning the validity of the numbers. Attorney Barba fights with two swords- legal and scientific.

DUI Client, originally posted on Avvo

Best DUI Lawyer You Will Find! - Will really fight for you and go the extra mile!``Originally i hired another attorney who made a lot of promises, took my money over the phone, and didn't perform. I fired the first attorney and hired Mr. Barba. It was the BEST decision I ever made. Mr. Barba fought hard and hired the right experts to prove my innocence. It was not an easy case and the prosecutor was determined to convict me. After the trial the jury came back 10 not guilty and 2 guilty, the prosecutor wanted to go to trial again. The judge felt that Mr. Barba's defense was so solid that he dismissed the case and basically told the prosecutor he was crazy and didn't have a leg to stand on. Several attorneys had been coming into the courtroom for the last couple of days to watch and they were all congratulating Mr. Barba. He really did an outstanding job. I have recommended him to others since then and while I hope to never need his services again, I would not hesitate to hire him should I find myself in a situation that warranted his services.``

Linda, a DUI Client, originally posted on Avvo

MY SILVER LINING: I had been convicted for a DUI about five years ago and had been arrested for another DUI several months ago. I was terrified as I did not want another DUI on my record. I met with Mr. Barba and somehow I instinctively felt confident that even if the charges were not dismissed that they would at least be reduced. He was able to get get the charges reduced to wet reckless. The only thing I was left with was paying a fine.
I trusted Mr. Barba and his staff from the time I met them. They answered all of my questions precisely and always in a timely manner. They kept me informed every step of the way. Mr. Barba and his whole staff are a true model of professionalism. I would highly recommend him.

DUI Client, originally posted on Avvo

Attorney Manuel Barba and his staff were both extremely knowledgeable and informative from the first day they took my case.`` Taken as a referral from a close friend, Mr. Barba not only exceeded my legal expectations, but gave my family and I an additional feeling of well being throughout the process. My case was resolved for a non DUI charge without going to trial.``

John, a DUI Client, originally posted on Avvo

Satisfied client: Saw advertisement while I was getting my car washed a few days after I was pulled over. So glad I saw the ad. Helped me avoid a DUI, and negotiated a more lenient sentence. Mr. Barba was very knowledgeable in the science of DUI cases. The staff was very helpful and friendly. Always quick to reply. Thank you Manuel Barba and Co. I fully recommend to anyone looking for DUI legal assistance.

DUI Client, originally posted on Avvo

Perfect! ``I HIGHLY recommend Manuel Barba to everyone; he is a very intelligent person and hands down the best DUI defense lawyer there is out there. He worked on my case and presented himself and my case to the court with authority. He knew exactly what he is talking about and knows the law to the T. His hard work and perseverance definitely paid off as my trial ended with Not Guilty. Great Job.``

Chuck, a DUI Client, originally posted on Avvo

SAVED MY LIFE. THANK YOU MR. BARBA: Mr Barba quite literally has helped me get a new lease on life. I can't tell you how terrifying or you unfortunately probably already know how terrifying it is to have all you have worked for hang in the balance of people who truly do not know you, only what you've done.
I made a terrible mistake. and drove intoxicated. the saddest thing of all is that, this was not my first. In fact the term used i think is ``third time looser``.
i hired Mr. Barbra so that he can alleviate the severity of the punishment. I knew i was going to jail and quite possibly loose my car....and who knows maybe even my wife. and sure enough the prosecution wanted no less than 240 days in jail which pretty much guaranteed i loose a great deal or all of the listed.
Mr Barba said ^&$# that!
3rd time DUI. with a BAC of .23% and the end result after Mr Barba and his team accepted my case: brace yourself.

wet reckless!!!!!!, 18month program, 00000 days in jail.
I now have to deal with consequences which i accept. but if it weren't for Mr. Barba. they would have been a whole lot worse, and in turn, because of him. I have kept my job, i'm able to get on my feet , full fill my requirements and on to a better future.
First and foremost DO NOT GET WASTED AND DRIVE! . but no one is perfect and some learn later that others. and if you fall in the later and need assistance. believe me, Mr. Barba is the man.
He really is that good. if this is your first DUI or hopefully your last. Call Mr. Barba.
I highly recommend his expertise.
On a side note. even after he has settled my case. I'll get the occasional text to see how I am and how my family is doing. I really appreciate that. and Thanks again Manny. I'm pretty sure i'll never need your services again. But I wont forget your contact and i'll send you anyone who is in need of this service.
keep up the good work , amazing job and thanks again.

Jorge, a DUI Client, originally posted on Avvo

Career Saver! ``Attorney Manny Barba took over my case after the first attorney I retained took a couple of grand and let the DMV & DA steer the course. As a Firefighter with a Class B License I had my job at stake. After the first attorney failed to represent me at DMV hearing and wandered aimlessly trying to figure how to handle my case Manny took over like a Pit Bull at a Poodle show. After nearly 7 months with the first attorney, Manny picked up the pieces and had my Class B back in my hands in a little over 60 days with the DMV suspension set aside. Don't expect Glitz and Glamour , Just Shock and Awe. I would HIGHLY Recommend Manny Barba as the FIRST CALL you make if your career depends on your License.``

Paul, a DUI Client, originally posted on Avvo

Star DUI Attorney. ``Mr. Barba is an excellent attorney that has extensive knowledge in DUI defense. I am glad I hired him and would recommend him to others arrested for DUI. I was facing a second conviction and it was plead to a wet reckless, and this saved my career.``

J.K., a DUI Client, originally posted on Avvo

Dedicated to getting the best results: Mr. Barba heard my case and used his specialized skills to argue the charges. Not only was I amazed by his knowledge and tactics but so were others in the court room. I would highly recommend him. He stood by me and kept me informed on the process for the entire 15 months my case took to come to an end.

Charlie, a DUI Client, originally posted on Avvo

No one will fight harder and smarter than Mr. Barba: If you're faced with a DUI, no one will fight harder and smarter than Mr. Barba. He is phenomenal, and the absolute best at his trade; ``Not Guilty`` on a DUI involving Blood.
Very seldom in life we're faced with challenges that can shape our future in a big way. When faced with a first time DUI Charge, I quickly found out the havoc a DUI can have on my Family, Finances, Job, and Future Aspirations. In all honesty, please take a DUI charge very seriously, even a first time DUI; this is a career ending charge for many people.
Even though the DA was very aware that an Alcohol related charge (DUI) would end my career, the DA didn't care. Moving forward with the Trial was the best decision I could have made. Mr Barba took a very tough case and completely demolished any leverage the DA had. During a very hard fought 1 week trial, the DA tried every trick in the book to convict, without any success. Mr. Barba fought incredibly hard on every point and didn't leave any stone unturned. I have a high amount of respect for people that take their trade seriously, and Mr Barba is an absolute expert in DUI - At many times, he left the Government ``Expert`` witnesses fumbling for words, destroying their credibility.
With the help of a highly skilled lawyer like Mr. Barba, I was acquitted of the DUI charge and my name is clear! ``Not Guilty``..the best two words I could hear!
I've definitely learned that Drinking and Driving is simply not worth it; in this process I've had the privilege of meeting a great man like Mr. Manual Barba who fought so very hard for my future.
I owe my future to you Mr. Barba; from the bottom of my heart, Myself and My Family are eternally grateful.

DUI Client, originally posted on Avvo

Amazing DUI Lawyer - If you're looking for an experienced and knowledgeable DUI attorney, look no further than Mr. Barba. He handled my case which ended up lasting over 2 years. He looked over my case with a fine tooth comb and discovered many flaws that I would have never picked up on. We decided to go to trial which ended up lasting over a week. In trial Mr. Barba fought hard and brought the absolute best expert witnesses in to testify on my behalf. He was able to completely discredit the arresting officer and get my first count a NOT GUILTY verdict. His witness who spoke about the problems with my blood sample was amazing, and had some of the jury members shaking their heads at the DA. In the end, I was given a not guilty verdict on the first count (a first time DUI has 2 separate counts), and a hung jury on the second count. Of course the DA wanted to retry my case to save her bruised ego, but Mr. Barba and his team was able to talk her down into giving me a plea bargain of a wet reckless!!

DUI Client, Anonymous

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