Do I have to go to court for a DUI?

When you get arrested for a DUI in California, there is two proceedings that are going to happen independent of each other, yet they’re going to go simultaneously. The first one is the DMV, they’re trying to suspend your license. The second proceeding is the court case. The court case, you’re going to have an arraignment. That’s the first hearing. At the arraignment, the court is going to advise you what you’re charged with and take your plea.

If you plead guilty, you’re going to be convicted right then and there. The better option is to enter a not guilty plea. Now the case is going to be set for pre-trial hearings, and the goal of the pre-trial hearing is to resolve that case. Because the more problems you can find with the government’s evidence, the better resolution you’re going to get. If you’ve been arrested for DUI and are not sure how to proceed then, give me a call and we can examine the fact related to your particular case, gather the evidence and make a determination of what’s the best way to move forward in defending that case.