How Much is a DUI Attorney?

How much is a DUI attorney? The answer to that question depends upon what your goal is. Because all attorneys very as far as expertise and their trial background, things like that. Just because someone has a bar card, meaning they passed the bar and they’re a lawyer, doesn’t mean they’re qualified to defend a DUI case. Now, keep in mind if you’re looking for somebody that’s going to hold your hand and plead you guilty then that lawyer is probably not going to cost very much. If your goal is to defend you, meaning to examine all of the evidence that the government has against you and analyze it so that we can find the errors in there. Then that lawyer needs to have expertise in DUI investigation expertise in chemical testing. How the chemical test is done, whether it’s breath testing or blood testing. That lawyer is going to cost you more money than someone that’s just going to help you be convicted. If you have questions with regard to defending, your DUI case, give me a call and we can examine the facts of your particular situation and then figure out what’s the best way to defend the case.