Is it illegal to drive high in California?

Many people often ask is it illegal to drive high in California. High is a very subjective term. It is illegal in California to drive while you’re the under the influence of whether it’d be marijuana, whether it’d be alcohol. Whether it’d be some other type of drug, whether it’s prescription medication or not.

The law is not driving while there’s a presence in your system. That’s not the law at all. Not here in California. The question is, is it affecting you to the point that you can’t drive a car safely. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI and accused of driving while under the influence of some kind of a drug, give me a call so we can analyze the facts of your case including the evidence related to that chemical test and determine whether you’re actually guilty of the crime or not. There are many lawyers out there that take every different kind of case that walks in their office front door, but they are not experts in any particular type of case. Successfully defending a DUI case requires specialized knowledge in DUI investigation, standardized field sobriety testing, breath testing, as well as blood sample collection, storage, and analysis. Attorney Manuel J. Barba only does one thing. He provides professional & experienced DUI Defense for the California Criminal Courts and the DMV. Please contact us if you or someone you know recently got a DUI. DUI cases are EXTREMELY time sensitive. We’ll be happy to answer your questions at no cost or obligation.