There are many options for your DUI Defense, Not All of them Good. When you are arrested for DUI you have 3 options

  1.  Do Nothing, and automatically lose your case in Court and at the California Department of Motor Vehicles.
  2.  Use the Public Defender who has no stake in the outcome of your case in Court and who will not represent you at the DMV.
  3.  Choose a Professional DUI Defense Lawyer to aggressively fight for your success in Court and at the DMV. When hiring a lawyer to represent you in your DUI case, be sure to hire an attorney that is an expert in DUI defense.

7 factors that make “The Barba Difference” & what it means to the success of your case.

Barba Difference #1. DUI Defense in the Court and at the DMV is THE ONLY THING WE DO!!!

There are many lawyers out there that take every different kind of case that walks in their office front door, but they are not experts in any particular type of case. Successfully defending a DUI case requires specialized knowledge in DUI investigation, standardized field sobriety testing, breath testing, as well as blood sample collection, storage, and analysis.

DUI cases are very complex to defend and require specialized knowledge in DUI investigation, field sobriety testing, how the human body processes alcohol, as well as breath and blood alcohol analysis.

Without an expert DUI defense attorney defending you, you will likely not be able to get the best possible defense for your DUI case.

Barba Difference #2. Industry Experience MAKES A HUGE Difference.

Currently there are only six DUI defense attorneys in the State of California who have been awarded the ACS-CHAL Forensic Lawyer-Scientist designation; and attorney Manuel J. Barba is the only DUI defense attorney in the Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Imperial County areas.

The ACS-CHAL designation of Forensic-Lawyer Scientist is the highest form of scientific recognition available to lawyers. It is a milestone and stands as a strong indication that the lawyer not only knows the law but truly understands the science in a fundamental way.

dui lawyers in riverside ca

Barba Difference #3. Local DUI Defense in Riverside and San Bernardino County

dui attorney

Be wary of  law firms based out of the area that advertise DUI defense representation all over California.  Think about it: can a lawyer really defend people everywhere?   The fact is that the lawyer that you think you are hiring will very likely NOT be the lawyer representing you in court, and you will likely end up being represented by a local lawyer with no DUI expertise who is “associated” into the case to appear and then plead you guilty.

We are located in the Riverside and San Bernardino County area, and we do not outsource our clients for a referral fee. View our office locations and contact information by clicking here.

Barba Difference #4. Professional DUI Defense Associates and Memberships

Manuel Barba and his team understand that to continue to stay on top and provide expert DUI defense, a professional DUI defense Attorney needs to stay plugged in to the DUI defense industry. Manuel Barba is a member of many professional defense associations specifically related to developing defense attorneys’ skill, knowledge, and expertise in defending cases.

By staying connected attorney Barba knows the current law and the latest science associated with DUI defense; this allows him to provide the best defense strategies to his clients. Be wary of attorneys claiming to be knowledgeable in DUI defense when they aren’t even associated with any professional industry associations nor have any specialized knowledge in DUI defense.

View all the professional associations and memberships by clicking here.

Manuel J. Barba, DUI Defense Lawyers Association

Barba Difference #5. Aggressive DUI Defense Strategy

Manuel J. Barba DUI Defense Attorney Lawyer in Riverside

Keep in mind that just because an attorney works as a “criminal defense” lawyer, he or she is not necessarily qualified to handle the defense of DUI case. Many “criminal defense” lawyers that pretend to defend DUI cases have never taken a DUI case to trial. Most of these attorneys will only appear for the client in court at the arraignment hearing, get an offer from the Prosecutor or the Court and then plead the client guilty at the next court hearing.

NO investigation was ever completed, NO evidence was gathered, and NO analysis of all the evidence was ever performed. The lawyer simply pleads the client guilty based on what is written in an arrest report.

Did you know there are many reasons breath and blood tests can be wrong?  Attorney Manuel J. Barba examines all of the prosecution’s evidence against you, each leverage point is discovered, and every law enforcement action is questioned.   No stone is left unturned in defending your case.

Barba Difference #6. Successful DUI Defense Results, in Court & at the DMV.

One factor in attorney Manuel Barba’s continuing recognition in the industry is the results he gets for his clients.   As a nationally recognized Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST) Instructor, attorney Barba knows how to analyze an arresting officer’s DUI investigation from start to finish to find the errors that lead to defenses. As an American Chemical Society Lawyer-Scientist designee, attorney Barba knows how to critically review chemical test results.

Gathering all of the evidence is only the beginning; knowing how to analyze that evidence is essential if you want to get the best possible result for the each client.   Many lawyers that pretend to defend DUI cases never question the government’s evidence because they don’t understand it.   For example, the blood test result is only a number on a piece of paper. The real question is, how did the government get to that result? Is the result accurate and reliable?

Attorney Barba has the knowledge and expertise to examine all of the evidence with a critical eye to get his clients the best possible result.

View our recent victories here.

Barba Difference #7. Awards and Recognition for Our DUI Defense

As mentioned above, there are many options for criminal defense attorneys; but also note, there are very few who only defend DUI cases, and even fewer who are consistently recognized as an industry leader in DUI defense.   We have stacked up DUI awards and recognition year after year. Our awards include, but are not limited to: Top Lawyers Award from Palm Springs Life Magazine 4 years running, Top Lawyers Award from Inland Empire Magazine for 4 years running, AVVO Superb Rated Attorney for 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015, as Well as Client’s Choice Award for 2013, 2014 & 2015 and more…. View all awards and recognition for our office by clicking here…..View all awards and recognition for our office by clicking here.

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