What are the Costs Associated with a DUI?

Most people are aware of the dangers of drinking and driving. The increased risk of injuring yourself and others in an auto accident should be more than enough to deter everyone from driving under the influence (DUI).

In addition, there are other costs associated with a DUI conviction.  

Car Impound Fees: When arrested, often time the arresting agency will impound your car, and you will have to pay a substantial fee to get your car back.  

Driver License Fees: After having your driver license suspended, you must pay a license reinstatement fee to get your driver license back. 

DUI Class Fees: After a DUI conviction, you will be required to enroll in and complete a DUI course. The length of time you will have to attend a course will depend on the severity of your DUI violation. DUI courses can range from 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 18 months.  

Ignition Interlock Devices:  Being convicted of a DUI can result in the Court or DMV imposing an Ignition Interlock Device penalty.  Not only are there installation fees, but there are also monthly maintenance fees associated with these devices.   

Court Fines: A fist DUI fine is $390 plus penalty assessments.  In addition to the penalty assessments, the Courts have other add on fees that make the total fine around $2,000 and more depending on the severity of the DUI conviction. 

SR-22 Insurance Costs: To reinstate your driver’s license after it has been suspended due to a DUI in California, you must file a proof of financial responsibility with the DMV known as a SR-22.  You will be required to have the SR-22 for at least 3 years. 

Increased Insurance Cost: Your regular car insurance premiums will increase after being convicted of a DUI.  The amount of the increase will depend on your overall driving record as well as your insurance company. 

Attorney Fees: If you are arrested for DUI, you will have to go to Court. It is rarely a good idea to go to court without legal representation.  Although the cost of a lawyer may vary, it is always good to remember that “cheap lawyers are not good, and good lawyers are not cheap.  This is especially true for DUI cases as they are very serious matters.

Even if you know that you were drinking before driving, that does not mean that you are guilty of a crime.   An expert DUI defense attorney can analyze the evidence in your case looking for problems with the government’s evidence.  Having an expert DUI lawyer defend you could result in you not being convicted of a DUI.