What does the term DUI per se mean?

A DUI per se is basically a legal limit with regard to an alcohol level, that if you’re at that limit, and the government can prove that you were at that limit at the time of driving, in California, it’s 0.08 or more, then presumably, you are guilty of the crime of DUI. It doesn’t matter whether you’re under the influence. You could be sober as day, but if the government can prove with evidence that’s accurate and reliable, that at the time of driving, you were at least a 0.08, then you could be convicted of a DUI. Pretty much all states now are at 0.08. That just basically saying that it’s illegal to drive if you have this amount of alcohol in your system. If you’ve been arrested for DUI and you’re not sure what the facts are regarding your arrest, give me a call so we examine your case and then see what our options are as far as moving forward.