What is aggravated DUI?

An aggravated DUI is a DUI that has factors that, in essence, make it worse. Generally, with any criminal case, you might have mitigating factors and aggravating factors. With regard to a DUI, the mitigating factors would be that maybe we’re just that the legal level, maybe you’ve never been in trouble before. Things like that. Aggravating factors are things that are going to make the penalties worse than just the regular DUI. Things like you had a really high BAC. You got into an accident, you were driving with a child in the car or you have prior DUI conviction. All those things are going to be looked at by the prosecutor and the judge in determining what the punishment is going to be. If you have questions with regard to your particular DUI, give me a call and we can look at the facts related to your case and go from there.