3rd DUI – Attorney Barba Negotiates No Jail Time

Law Offices of Manuel J. Barba represented a male client who was involved in a traffic accident by side-swiping another car.   At the scene, client blew into an Evidential Breath machine with results of .12%/.14% blood alcohol concentration.

Because Client had two prior DUI convictions, the District Attorney charged client with a 3rd time DUI (VC23152(a)  – Driving under the influence of alcohol and VC23152(b) – Driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .08% or more, plus a charge of  VC20002 – Hit and Run, and a charge of VC14601.2 – knowingly driving on a suspended license.   The case was in Riverside County, Indio Court (Larson Justice Center)

Disposition: Attorney Barba was able to negotiate a plea to just the  VC23152(b) – Driving with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or more, and all of the remaining charges were dismissed.   Client received NO jail time.