Cheap DUI Attorney/Lawyer in Riverside, CA

Are you looking for a cheap DUI Attorney/Lawyer for DUI defense at the court and DMV located in Riverside? When searching for any service, including DUI Defense Attorneys/Lawyers, consumers often use price as a factor when determining what service they will ultimately use. Here is what you need to know about DUI, Attorneys and the expense of your defense before including price in your decision, or including it at all.

Price when choosing a DUI Attorney/Lawyer will almost always factor into the level of service you receive. Here are some key factors usually associated with low priced or cheap DUI Attorneys/Lawyers:

  1. Cheap DUI Attorneys/Lawyers usually do not have much experience. The reason some dui attorneys charge below industry standard is because they may be new to the industry and have not handled many dui cases. Beware of these cheap DUI Attorney/Lawyers, do you want to save a few dollars and risk your case with a newbie? Our team has been handling only DUI since 1996, read more about Manuel Barba’s experience here.
  2. Cheap DUI Attorneys/Lawyers don’t always offer the same service. Most of the time an attorney who is on the cheaper end of the spectrum may be only offering you limited services. In most cases they will offer the “Show Up and Plea”. In the industry this means they do not plan to fight your case, but rather just offer an you an attorney appearance. They show up, and plead you guilty. Done. Our team is here to fight for you, from start to finish we are by your side using all our resources to get you the best possible outcome. If your looking to save some money, you could easily plead yourself guilty. Check out our testimonials from our satisfied clients here.
  3. Cheap DUI Attorneys/Lawyers don’t exclusively defend DUI. Another reason that some less professional and experienced dui attorneys charge less is because they make most of their income practicing other areas of law. These attorneys sometimes have a flat retainer for divorce which may be the same as DUI defense. The problem is the amount of work needed to properly defend a dui can be 100 times more than a simple uncontested divorce. These attorneys usually take any case that walks through the door. We only practice DUI, that’s it. Don’t trust your complex criminal case as well as your driving privilege to a one stop shop attorney. Manuel Barba has devoted his firm to DUI, nothing else.
  4. Cheap DUI Attorneys/Lawyers usually don’t have industry recognition and awards. The reason cheap attorneys don’t usually have awards for specific practice areas like DUI is because they aren’t that good at defend against it. We only handle DUI and we provide the highest possible level of service to our clients. As a result we have been recognized over and over again for our DUI defense in both the court and the DMV and you can see the countless awards earned for his expert defense here.
  5. Cheap DUI Attorneys/Lawyers don’t always provide full service DUI defense. When we say full service we mean quality defesne in all aspects of the DUI from start to finish. Many other DUI attorneys don’t represent you at the DMV. Well if keeping your ability to drive and provide income is important to you those other attorneys probably aren’t your best choice. Also, other DUI attorneys do not plan on a criminal court trial, rather just plead you guilty and maybe ask for some plea or reduced sentence. Our team fights and we win. We take our cases all the way to and through trial if needed to get the best outcome for our clients.

If you are looking for a Cheap DUI Attorney/Lawyer, you may want to consider this isn’t an aspect of your life where the cheapest option is going to be your best. Sure thing a deal on a pizza or a pair of socks is great, but when your freedom vs jail time and your ability to drive and maintain gainful employment is on the line, you may want to consider more relevant factors like experience, results and client satisfaction when looking for a DUI attorney to defend you.

If you would like a no obligation free case analysis from Manuel Barba himself, please contact us at our toll free number or use our contact form here.