Mishandled Blood – Results in Not Guilty DUI Case

19363870_mLaw Offices of Manuel J. Barba represented a male client who was stopped for allegedly driving erratically. Client was charged with VC23125 (a) (b) – DUI and Driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .08% or more in Rancho Cucamonga Court.

After he was arrested he agreed to a blood test and the results showed .21% Blood Alcohol Concentration.

The evidence showed the mishandling of the blood sample thus compromising its integrity.

Disposition: After a Jury Trial, the jury could not reach a unanimous agreement – 8 for not guilty and 4 for guilt. The case was resolved for plea to reckless driving.

Every case and its facts are different, and that the results in this case does not constitute or imply any kind of guarantee that a prospective client will have the same outcome in their case.