Palm Springs Gay Pride Tips to Avoid a DUI

Palm Springs Gay Pride Weekend is here! – This weekend – November 2-3, 2013 is Gay Pride weekend in Palm Springs, California and with it comes all the fun and festivities associated with Palm Springs Gay Pride.

Be safe and enjoy the festivities.  But remember, the Palm Springs Police Department, the California Highway Patrol, as well as other law enforcement agencies will be out in force looking for DUI drivers.

Here are some Tips to Avoid a DUI conviction:

Tip #1.  Don’t drink and drive! If you have been drinking, call a taxi or have a friend drive you home.

Tip #2.   If you do Drive, Don’t park near the bars! Cops or their agents routinely drive through popular bar parking lots (Azul, Toucans, Street bar, Spurline, Hunters, etc.) and note descriptions of cars in the parking lot and wait for the car to leave, then invent some reason to stop the car.   Never park near the bar!

Tip #3.   Always drive safely. Cops stop cars for speeding, unsafe lane changes, illegal turns, etc., and then it turns into a DUI investigation.

Tip #4.   Do not drive though fast food drive-thru restaurants. Cops work with many fast food restaurants and train their employees to report potential DUI drivers.

Tip #5.   If you have been stopped, DO NOT let the police officer check your eyes and do not agree to take other Field Sobriety Tests. You don’t have to (UNLESS you are on probation for a prior DUI conviction). No law requires a person suspected of DUI to submit to Field Sobriety Tests, unless you currently are on probation for a prior DUI conviction.

Tip #6.   Do Not answer questions during the DUI investigation. Everyone has a right to remain silent and not incriminate themselves.

Tip #7.   Never BLOW into a breath machine, ALWAYS request a Blood test. If you are arrested, you must choose a chemical test – always choose a blood test and never blow into a breath machine.  NOTE: If you are under 21 years of age, OR are on probation for a prior DUI, you must blow into the cops breath machine.

Tip #8.  Choose a blood test. Again, never blow into a breath device, choose a Blood test if you are arrested for DUI.

Tip #9. Make sure all of your car’s lights, turn signals, etc. are working properly. Cops are looking for a reason to stop drivers at night.

Tip #10.  Always be on your best behavior. Cops often have video cameras and record the stop and DUI investigation.

Tip #11.   If you are arrested for DUI, be sure to hire an expert DUI defense attorney to represent you. DUI cases are very complex and require specialized knowledge.  DUI defense attorney Manuel J. BarbaDUI defense attorney Manuel J. Barba is an expert in DUI defense.

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