Spanish Speaking DUI Attorney/Lawyer in Riverside, CA

Working with a DUI attorney/Lawyer who doesn’t speak your language can be hard. You have to trust that they are doing everything possible to defend against your DUI. If you are looking for a Spanish speaking DUI Attorney/Lawyer Manuel Barba can help.

If you, or your family member or friend who needs a professional DUI Attorney/Lawyer primarily speaks spanish the Law Offices of Manuel J. Barba is a great choice for oyur DUI defense. Not only is Manuel J. Barba fluent in Spanish, he has office staff who is too.

Even better than having an experienced DUI attorney speak your language, Manuel J. Barba is one o the most awarded and trained in the local industry. Learn more about Manuel’s awards here. You can also see his experience and training here.

If you recently got a DUI and have questions, our team of Spanish speaking DUI defense Attorney and staff is ready to talk to you. You can email us on our contact form here, (Spanish Freindly) or call us Toll-Free at 866-442-2722.