What does a DUI cost?

Many people ask what are the costs associated with being convicted of a DUI. When you first get arrested you might get hit with a big tow bill because they had to tow your car. If you’re convicted of a DUI your insurance is very likely going to increase. Other costs are things like attorney fees, court fines things of that nature. The biggest cost is lost opportunity, meaning this DUI is gonna stay on your record for a long time and that could affect your ability to advance in employment things of that nature.  So if you’ve been arrested for a DUI it’s in your best interest to fight it and if you’re going to fight it then you better have an attorney that really knows what he’s doing. So if you’ve been arrested for a DUI give me a call and we can examine your case examine the evidence and figure out what’s the best way to resolve your particular case.

What does a DUI cost? | Palm Springs DUI Defense Lawyer