How do I get a DUI Dropped? You Fight it!

Getting arrested does not necessarily mean you are Guilty. The fact that you got arrested for a DUI can’t be changed; however, the goal now should be to do whatever you can to not get convicted of a DUI.

Remember, being arrested does not necessarily mean you are guilty of a crime.  Cops write tickets and arrest reports, then send them to the District Attorney.  The District Attorney is the one that files charges in Court accusing you of a crime.  The District Attorney is the one that must prove the charges against you beyond reasonable doubt with reliable and accurate evidence.  And that is not always so easy for the DA to do.

Some people think: I drank, I drove, I got arrested, so I must be guilty.   Not at all.  In California, it’s not illegal to drink alcohol and then drive a car.  Its only illegal if the evidence shows that you were “under the influence” at the time of driving, or that at the time of driving your blood alcohol concentration was .08% or more.

Some people that have been arrested for a DUI think that because they have no previous criminal record, the District Attorney will drop the case.  Wrong!  DUIs are political crimes and they are money makers for state agencies.  In addition, there are federal and state grants available for getting DUI convictions.

If you have been arrested for a DUI, you have the option of doing nothing – and the result will be a DUI conviction and a driver license suspension.

Your other option is to hire an expert DUI defense attorney and aggressively attack the government’s case.  By fighting back, your chances of getting the charges dropped or reduced increase greatly.