How to Choose a DUI Attorney/Lawyer in Riverside CA

You just got released from county jail and you have no idea where to start. There are deadlines for the court and the California DMV that have to be met, and typically have to be met within DAYS!!!. Here is what you need to know about finding the best DUi Attorney/Lawyer to get you through the process.

Time: The clock is already ticking and you need to take action immediately.


Attorney Listing Sites: Much like Yelp and, there are numerous Attorney Directory Websites that list local DUI Attorneys. Most of the larger sites like AVVO and Justia may be overwhelming since their goal is to list every practicing attorney to provide the most results. Trying to dial down a top 3-5 DUI attorneys may be hard with their list of hundreds, after a while they all blur together. The advantage of these sites is they contain specific information about the Attorney and information about their practice areas and awards and rankings. There are also very valuable local attorney directories like Inland Empire Lawyers and more specifically Inland Empire DUI Attorneys. These sites keep it local and still provide great attorney information overviews. Another great example would be which offers listing exclusively for the legal industry.

Traditional Local Listing Sites: These are sites like Yelp, Yahoo, Goole Places and yellowpage directories. The problem with these sites are they contain listings for all businesses, usually based on telephone book listings. This means there are countless listings that are businesses that are closed, out of business, moved or wrong and outdated information. Also, the listings are not specific to the legal industry meaning that you can view contact details and pictures, not specific information that may help your decision for a good DUI Attorney.

Referrals: A powerful way to find a DUI Lawyer. Referrals provide first hand experience about service and case outcome. The problem is, unlike a pizza place that everyone has went to, a DUI is less common and you may not find many in your family or circle of friends that have this experience.

What to Factor in Your Search when you choose your method of search

  1. Experience: How long has the DUI Attorney been practicing. Obviously the more case and trial experience a DUI Attorney has, the better they are equipped to defend you. Look for a DUI Attorney/Lawyer who has been in the industry for a while. You don’t want to trust your license and possible jail time with a first timer.  Manuel J. Barba has been defending DUI in Southern California for nearly 20 years. Learn more about DUI Defense Attorney Manuel J. Barba here.
  2. Awards: Has the Attorney your considering been recognized by any local, industry or relevant associations? Good results often go noticed and professional and successful DUI Attorneys typically can earn awards for customer service, industry results and more. Manuel J. Barba has been earning top awards and recognition for his DUI Defense for years. View his awards and see what An Awarded & Industry Recognized DUI Attorney looks like here.
  3. Practice areas: An attorney can choose what area of law they want to practice in and there is no limit. The problem people run into with some attorneys is that they practice a little of everything. When an attorney does family law, civil, business law, evictions and more it is hard for them to be the best they can be if they chose only one area. It is rarer to find an attorney who practices only one thing, but DUI Lawyer Manuel J. Barba is a DUI Attorney That Only Practices DUI Defense. Learn more about the Barba Difference Here.
  4. Price: As mentioned in other articles like “Cheap DUI Attorney Riverside” and “Cost of DUI Lawyer Riverside” talk about price and how it may not be the best way to select such an important aspect in your life.
  5. Location: There are hundreds of California Courts and selecting a DUI Attorney to Defend You in Your Local Court may depend on location. Sure metro areas like Los Angeles and San Francisco have famous celebrity attorneys that defend DUI and they may meet with you for an astronomical amount of money, but their experience in Riverside and San Bernardino Courts may be none. An attorney who defends in the same courthouses over and over is a benefit. That attorney knows the local procedures, the local prosecutors and the local resources to provide the best possible defense. Attorney Manuel Barba has focused on the Inland Empire for his professional DUI Defense. View their office locations and contact information here.