My California DUI Attorney/Lawyer Wont Return my Calls

You select what you thought was a good attorney, the price was fair, the pitch they gave sounded perfect, but after they took your retainer fee they wont return any of your calls. You feel cheated and most importantly, you have no idea what is going on with your case. You are not alone and you have options.

First of all you are upset and want to know a few things like: Can I get my money back, can I get a new attorney, are there any remedies due to me, and those are all fair questions. Before we look at those aspects, you need to first understand your case and determine if there are more pressing issues such as upcoming court appearances and/or filing or deadlines.

Deadlines: If you have not yet gone to court you may have some important deadlines approaching. Just because your attorney isn’t calling you doesn’t mean they are not ready to show up, it just means you may have hired a cheap or less than experienced DUI attorney who doesn’t thrive on providing quality customer service. You can read more about those attorneys here in our article about cheap dui attorneys.

Take control: Understanding your case start to finish is always a good idea, with or without an Attorney, By knowing what happens start to finish in this life changing experience will better equip you to know if you are getting the best possible service for what you paid. After a DUI arrest there will be an arraingment hearing where a plea must be entered. This is where you tell the court Guilty or not Guilty. This is an important milestone in your case and experienced & trained DUI attorneys will take advantage of this opportunity to set up the best defense for your case. If you have not yet had arraignment and your DUI attorney has not contacted you your options are as follows:

  • Do nothing: assume your attorney will show up and be prepared to fight. However, just because they show up doesn’t mean they are ready to fight your case. Learn more about that here.
  • Show up at court and hope your attorney is present.
  • Have your casere-evaluated by a professional.

Attorney/Client Dispute: These can be filed with the State Bar. You can view information about this here. California State Bar Attorney Complaint.

Contact a True DUI Professional: If you are looking for a DUI attorney who only defends DUI and who prides their office on the best quaility service it may be time to reach out to our office. Experience, results, awards. contact form and phone number.