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How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your Body?

On average, the liver takes one hour to metabolize one ounce of alcohol.   Matabolism is the process by which the body removes the alcohol from the blood system by way of the liver.

The body follows a straightforward process when processing alcohol.

The length of time alcohol stays in the system has more to do with how much a person drinks than any other factors. If you’ve ever had more than your “fair share” of drinks, you may recall a point where the “buzz” started to turn bad. Continue reading “How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your Body?”

What is chemical testing?

Chemical testing is very complex. Whether it’s breath testing, blood testing, both have their flaws. Breath tests are either fuel cell devices which means that they are a hand held device, or they’re an infrared device which means that they use light in determining an alcohol concentration. If you have not reached absorption, and you have not reached equilibrium that breath test can overstate the results by 200% to 300% Blood testing is equally complex, because it’s done through a process of chromatography. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, and you have a question as to how to proceed from this point and you want to defend yourself, call me and we’ll examine your particular case and figure out what’s the best way to defend the case as we move forward. Continue reading “What is chemical testing?”

How long does alcohol stay in your system?

People often ask, “how long does alcohol stay in your system?” It really depends on the factors of your situation, and it also depends on genetics. Not everybody absorbs alcohol at the same rate. Not everybody metabolizes at the same rate, so it varies. It depends on what you drank, how much you drank, and the times that you drank. When you started, and when you finished. If you’ve been charged for a DUI, and you have questions as to what your blood alcohol concentration may be, then give me a call so that we can examine the particular factors of your case and figure out what is the best way to defend your case. Continue reading “How long does alcohol stay in your system?”

DUI Blood Alcohol Testing & How To Fight Them

A person’s blood alcohol content can be determined by testing a sample of the person’s blood. Compared to a breath test, a blood test is generally a more accurate method to determine a person’s blood alcohol concentration if the analysis is done correctly. However, blood alcohol analysis is a very complicated process and there are many factors related to blood testing that can cause the result to be unreliable. Continue reading “DUI Blood Alcohol Testing & How To Fight Them”

Under Age 21 DUI Arrest

Why Fight Under 21 Alcohol Arrest?: Most under age 21 alcohol arrests are for .01 blood alcohol concentration or greater.  In most of these arrests, the officer relies on an antiquated breath machine that uses fuel cell technology. There are many factors that can affect the accuracy of the result from a fuel cell device.  It is essential that you have an expert DUI defense lawyer who has expertise with these breath machines defend you.

Continue reading “Under Age 21 DUI Arrest”