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Will a DUI Conviction Show Up in a Background Check?

Many people ask if a DUI conviction will appear on a back ground check.  The answer is probably Yes.  Different types of information may be included in an official background check from various sources; these may include driving records, criminal records, court records, etc.

When applying for any job, it is usually best to tell the truth on employment applications.  While employers may overlook the admittance of a DUI conviction, being caught in a lie may likely remove the applicant from consideration for the job. Continue reading “Will a DUI Conviction Show Up in a Background Check?”

What Happens in Court When Arrested for DUI?

When you are arrested for an alcohol related DUI (VC23152(b)), there are two separate and independent proceedings that are going to happen.  First, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Driver Safety Office will take action against your driving privilege by trying to suspend your driver license.  You have 10 days from the date of arrest to request a hearing with the DMV to contest the suspension.  Note that if you are arrested for a drug related DUI (VC23152(f)) (no alcohol) the DMV will take no immediate action against your driving privilege. But if you are convicted of the drug related DUI, the DMV will suspend your license based on the conviction. Continue reading “What Happens in Court When Arrested for DUI?”